Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Top Cars Of 2011

Just like in the fashion world, street rods change every year. Car shows are similar to that of a fashion week for retail fashion. These cars not only include sophistication and style, but also the comfort and creativity the car manufactures put into their design work.

We have to admit, the previous year was a challenge to the car manufacturing industry because of the economic problems, but this year there is hope that it will thrive, just like what it did during the two world wars and the depression.

Consumers are not only looking for warranty, insurance, performance or even brand. They are now after the design, the creativity and the uniqueness of the car. Because of that rising competition, street rods are becoming like fashion statements and even get celebrity endorsers to promote the products

Career-wise, this is the best time to be a car designer for every car manufacturer is out to get and hire the best and creative designers. Notice the cars of late have front grilles like that of an Audi, not only for circulation and ventilation, but also for style.

So, what constitutes as a top car for 2011? One can consider the design, performance and the trend of the car as good check points. It can be an electric or solar powered car as well. It can also be the hybrid and the classic coupe, even Kia's Picanto takes the center stage for being considered a top car.

Street rods that can run on battery power can be the best contender for the top car for 2011. Family vehicles or SUVs come into the picture too. Don't forget the famous pick-up truck or even a trusty sedan to join in this rambunctious gallery of best cars for the year. With a lot of categories to choose from, one must be having a hard time picking what would be the top street rod for 2011.

Regardless of the critics praising or ranting about a certain street rod, the consumer will still be able to decide for them self what would be the best and the top car for 2011.

Even the high-end companies are seriously looking at manufacturing a car that has the same quality and yet meet the standards and the demand of the consumer. Not only are there advances in technology and engineering but also be on the lookout for better and sleeker cars in the years to come. If you're an avid fan of movies and action heroes, you might want to take a look at the cars they drive on the big screen to see for yourself what is to come.

Still undecided what would be the top car of 2011? Cable television already has a channel dedicated to cars and has so many shows that address the needs of fans. They also have shows that present hosts test driving cars and give feedback on the good or bad points. At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the top car. What matters most is how the car lives up to its performance, quality, power, after sales assistance, warranty, technology and even the price.

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